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What should I do when one parent can't come to an embassy appointment?

If one parent can't come to the embassy for a CRBA or any minor passport renewal, here is what to do:

1. Find a notary in your area.

2. Print out this form: DS3053

3. Schedule with the notary and the parent that can't attend.

4. Parent will sign form in front of notary. Bring photo ID 🪪.

5 Make sure to bring the other spouse 's photo id and copy to the embassy.

The same one that he/she showed at the notary appointment.

*You need one form per child.*

Source and more details here:

*Please read it thoroughly. They don't take this process lightly.*

Please note:

In America, a Notary can legally practice ONLY in the jurisdiction of his charter. And no part of Israel is that. Three options:

1. Online-video if the entity agrees.

2. Consular authentication at US Embassy.

3. Israeli notarization with or without apostile.

Who do we recommend?

Yoel is a Notary in Jerusalem. Call him to book a time slot; tell him Shira sent you.

+972 54-325-7440

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