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US Embassy FAQ


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Citizen Services

and CRBA:

Visa Inquiries:

HaYarkon St 71, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Citizen Services:


Visa Inquiries:

Do you need a CRBA?

Click to view and download the forms for each type of appointment.

Do you need a passport renewal
for a child?

Click to view the forms and documents that you need to bring for your appointment.

Do you need a passport renewal
for an adult?

Click to view the forms and documents that you need to prepare to mail in/use the dropbox.

Do you need a visa?

We work with Easy Visa.
Contact them via the link below!

Do you need to consolidate appts?

You can email them to ask, and we made it easy!
Frequently Asked Questions:


Pay online for the embassy here:
This option is only for adult renewals that are renewing via the dropbox.
Request a birth certificate from Misrad Hapnim here:
How can I change my emergency passport to a full term passport?
  • Q: What is a CRBA and do I need it?

    • A: Consular Report of Birth Abroad is a document that proves your child's citizenship or nationality, and it may be obtained at the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country where the child was born. To apply for such a document, you should contact the closest consular office.​

      • In addition, you can get a first-time passport and a SSN for your child at a CRBA appointment. ​​​

  • Q: How long will it take to get my CRBA?

    • A: ​2-7 Weeks​ for the majority of the documents, the SSN will be delivered separately and at a later date. 

  • Q: How expensive is the CRBA

    • A: CRBA – $100 (doesn't include the passport)​​

  • Q: If I'm going for a CRBA, do they also give a first time passport during that visit... or do I need another appt?

    • A: ​You can do at the same time, just make sure to bring all the paperwork.

  • Q: Can I apply for an SSN while at my CRBA appointment?

    • A: Yes! highly recommended

  • Q: Will it be an issue making a CRBA appointment if I don’t have name for baby yet?

    • A: You used to be able to write Baby [your last name]. ​

    • A: Update - Yes it is potentially an issue if you haven't assigned the baby a name yet. It is Best to wait till you have a legal english name. 

  • Q: When should I book a CRBA or Passport renewal (if it didn't expire yet or the baby isn't born yet)?

    • A: Appointments tend to be booked 3 to 4 months in advance and there is a big demand for them. We recommend booking as soon as there is an opening and not waiting till the last minute.​

  • Q: I heard about the CRBA Video appointments, how do I apply? 

    • A: ​ The embassy is introducing secure video interviews for children under the age of two who need a passport and/or Consular Report of Birth. Please note this may NOT be available for everyone. Please click the link below to learn more and find out if you are eligible to participate, it's applicable only if both parents are U. S. citizens and the family has already filed for a CRBA at TLV/JLM in the past. 

  • Q: Do I need to accompany my child for their appointment

    • A:  Only if child is under the age of 18: both parents have to be there, if one cannot show up, they can submit certain forms (here) 

  • Q: Does my child need to be at the passport appointment?

    •  All children under the age of 18 are required to appear in person for all passport services. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by both parents.​

  • Q: How long will it take to get my adult passport renewal?

    • A: 4-9 Weeks

  • Q: How expensive are First-Time Passports and regular renewals?

    • A: Renewals for minors (under age 16): $115

    • Renewal, first passport over age 16: $130

    • ​Adult renewals (renewing a 10-year passport by mail): $130

    • CRBA and first passport cost:

      • $100 for the CRBA and $115 for First-time passport

  • Q: Where can I get a passport photo?

    • A: The JLM Embassy has a little café inside, as well as a business that can take your picture and print passport photos.

    • For TLV, we were told that there is a business across the street from the embassy that can assist.

  • Q: What size does the passport photo need to be?

    • A: One 2 inch x 2 inch / 5cm x 5cm square passport photo taken within the last six months.​​​​ Learn more here

  • Q: Can I fly on an expired US Passport?

    • A: This is a question that we cannot answer in one sentence, you are best off looking at this resource from the US Government​

  • Q: Which passport form should I fill out based on my status? 

    • A: There are multiple factors at play, this Questionnaire will tell you exactly what you need. ​

  • Q: Is it possible to renew a passport by mail?

    • A: Yes it is, but you need to meet certain requirements here

    • Also note that if you are eligible to renew via mail, they will not accept you into the embassy at this time, meaning you are limited to renewal via mail.

    • Some people reported that if you set the return address to the US, you will usually get faster service. 

  • Q: I want to change my name on my US Passport, How can I do that? 

    • A: There is a process and it depends on your current status in Israel, we would advise reading this resource to clarify​

  • Q: What proof of identity do I need for a passport?

    • A: Original documents are required. Notarized copies are unacceptable. Bring one photocopy. Must be a valid, government-issued photo I.D., such as:

      • Foreign passport

      • Driver’s License

      • National identity card with photograph, or

      • Military I.D with photograph

  • Q: What evidence of U.S. citizenship do I need:

    • A: Original documents are required. Notarized copies are unacceptable. Bring one photocopy.​

      • U.S. birth certificate

      • Consular Report of Birth Abroad

      • U.S. Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization, or

      • A valid or expired U.S. passport (with your signature)

  • How do I see where my passport is (in terms of it's application status)?

    • The Department of State has a site to track it here

Social Security
  • Q: Is the social security department operational these days? 

    • A: ​Social Security and notary services also appear to be suspended until further notice. 

  • Q:  How do I contact the social security department?

  • Q: Is their a Social Security department in Tel Aviv?

    • A: They only work from the US Embassy in Jerusalem or via mail​. There is no FBU unit in TLV. 

  • Q: What is happening with VISA appointments?

    • A: Visa services for non-us citizens appear to be suspended until 2022, because the embassy is prioritizing service for US Citizens.

  • Q: Can your alerts groups help with openings?

    • A: Unfortunately, our goal is to help US Citizens with CRBAs, Passports, and Social Security. While, we aren't suited to help with non-citizens specifically for visa services as it goes through a completely different booking system, we will still try to help as much as possible. 

  • Q: What happened with the visa alerts groups and how can I find new appointments?

    • A: We discontinued that service. Please reach out to them for further support!

  • Q: If someone has an emergency regarding passport renewal, how can they get an appointment?

    • A: They should email the embassy and put EMERGENCY in the subject line - just as they would if they wanted an emergency passport. If it is realistic, they may very well address it. ​

  • Q: Which option do I select when booking an appointment for a child's first passport?

    • A: You should select the CRBA option in this case. If you are confused, you can read the whole option for their explanation. ​

  • Q: What's the best and fastest way to book an appointment?

    • A: ​When booking an appointment online, it is best to do so from a laptop or desktop with a recently updated browser such as chrome or safari rather than from a phone.

  • Q: What can or can't I bring to the embassy or consulate?

    • A: ​Please do not bring bags or any unnecessary things into the embassy as security is quite strict. There may be paid baggage storage options, but it is best not to rely on that.  Car keys are usually allowed but may set off the metal detector.

    • A: No liquids are permitted (medications or hand sanitizer for example)

    • A: On the topic of Phones:

      • JLM: You can bring it in, but the security will have you shut it off and take your phone (and put it in a cubby) for the duration of the appointment.

      • TLV: No electronic equipment of any kind can be brought in, and they are very strict about this. 

    • A:  Smartwatches and exercise smart-bands are not permitted

    • A: Diaper bags, Strollers, water and snacks for kids are permitted 

      • If you are not accompanied by children, large backpacks are not allowed​

      • For strollers, they will have you put it through the metal detector.

    • A: Books, Homework and pencils are permitted

    • A: Tablets and Computers are an issue and it is best not to bring them

    • Near the TLV embassy there are storage lockers (for rent) where you can put some of your belongings. 

  • Q: When will I pay for the appointment or service? 

    • A: You will pay for your passport renewal or CRBA when you show up for your appointment. 

  • Q: Can I do a walk-in or do I need an appointment?

    • A: ​ Walk-ins are not acceptable, and you will be turned away.

  • Q: Can I park near the embassy?

    • A: There is free street parking near the JLM embassy (around a 10 minute walk). There is paid parking near the TLV embassy but if you have time, feel free to drive around a look for a spot. ​

  • Q: Will I get a confirmation, or do I need to screenshot and print out the confirmation?

    • A: Print out the confirmation page which you must bring with you to the Embassy. Make sure to save the confirmation information and password. You will need this if you need to reschedule your appointment. We cannot assist in confirmations for appointments made online.​

  • Q:  I totally forgot to take a screenshot!!! What do I do?

    • A: Next time there is a renewal, try to book with the same credentials. Then, it will give you an error message saying "you booked already on this date...", Screenshot and print that. Come confidently and say that you came for your appt and your name is on the roster. They should let you in.

  • Q: If I have more than one family member that needs services, how many appointments do you need to make? 

    • A: You must schedule one appointment for each person in your family who requires passport or CRBA services​.

      • For large families or extraneous ​circumstances, we recommend e-mailing the embassy (stating your case), and they may be able to accommodate you.

  • Q: Does the embassy allow you to pick up your passport or documents rather than send them to you?

    • A: This option is no longer offered, presumably due to the pandemic. The only option is to have the embassy send your documents through the post office courier (similar to registered mail). The only circumstances where they will let you do pick up is if you have gotten an emergency passport or CRBA and have been told that the documents are ready for pickup.​

  • Q: What should I expect to pay for the delivery fee with Israel Post?​

    • A: There is a 49 NIS courier fee for the delivery of the documents. You should receive a phone call and/or SMS with the details and how to pay the fee.

  • Q: Are Israeli credit cards or shekels accepted?

    • A: Only international credit cards that can accept charges in U.S. dollars​

    • A: Alternatively, cash (NIS or USD) according to the daily exchange rate are accepted. More info on the government website

  • Q: When and how often do new appointments open up?

    • A: There is no set date or time... But they tend to open up on Tuesdays and Thursdays in addition to some Fridays (for TLV/JLM and CRBA/Passport services). ​ It seems to be around once or twice a month for CRBA and Passports, but it changes each month.​ We highly recommend joining our alerts groups to get notified when a new slot opens up.

  • Q: If I live in Tel Aviv, Can I go to the Embassy In Jerusalem and vis versa?

    • A: Yes, the US Embassy will take you at either location no matter where you live. Just make sure you can get there in time.

  • Q: For the marriage certificate translation - can I translate on my own or do I need something official?

    • A: You can translate it yourself using this form, but you must include the original Hebrew Certificate as well... and fill it out one for one. ​

  • Q: Can I trade, sell or give away appointments? 

    • A: No, this is not possible, and most likely illegal. ​Please contact the embassy and cancel if you really need to. ​​

  • Q: When filling in the dates I was in the US, how exact do I need to be? When do I start from (Aliyah date?)?

    • A: You start from birth until today. Be as specific as you can, but don’t make up stuff.​

  • Q: Do I need a green pass, vaccination, or any other COVID related documentation in order to enter the embassy?

    • A: At this time, you are required to wear a mask (properly) and socially distance... but that is all. ​

  • Q: On what days/holidays is the embassy closed?

  • Q: I am getting this issue: The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator, what can I do?

    • A: Their systems think you are a bot (most likely), the temporary solution is to use a VPN and a different browser or device and try again. This time, it's best to wait between button clicks and refreshing to avoid triggering their system. ​​​

  • Q: How can I vote in US elections from Israel​?

    • A: Register to vote, Receive an absentee ballot, Then, send your ballot to your County Board of Elections.

    • You need to be:

      • a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old and absent from your voting residence.

      • More info here

  • Q: There are no appointments available. how can I book one?

    • A: Join our alerts groups on WhatsApp or Telegram to get notified of any openings! - here

  • Q: Who are you, and what services do you provide?

    • A: We are a group of 2 volunteers (not associated with the US Embassy), and we manage the Embassy Facebook Group, Page, Telegram Alerts, WhatsApp Q&A Alerts, and this site.​

    • A: If we have helped you, we just ask to Buy Us a Coffee so we can continue providing our free services.​

  • Q: What is the VIP Group and what are the benefits?

    • A: The VIP group just takes a tip to unlock, allows you to instantly get in, has no ads, chatter, sponsored posts, gets first notification of new openings, and gets all the alerts (ones with 1 or 2 slots for example). ​Lastly, the support allows us to dedicate more free time to the group and help you guys out!

  • Q: Can I get into the free WhatsApp channel?

    • A: Unfortunately, we were forced to raise the price to 5 NIS due to the immense demand and time investment. But, you can get it for free with the coupon here: BASICEM100 This is the only way on WhatsApp to avoid a spammer or hacker getting into the group. In addition, we have a free telegram channel, facebook page and group

  • Q: How to get appts on the same day for family members?

    • A:  Have family members that work by a computer join the group. Give each one the names and details of a child that needs an appt. Then, when there is an alert, each one pounces on a slot. Simply verify the date with each other. Choose a date with the most openings and choose the latest time slot of that day. (Less booked)

  • Q: I wear a head covering or a hat and was wondering, am I allowed to take my passport pictures with it on?

    • A: If you wear a hat or head covering for religious purposes, submit a signed statement that verifies that the hat or head covering in your photo is part of traditional religious attire worn continuously in public.

    • If you wear a hat or head covering for medical purposes, submit a signed doctor's statement verifying the hat or head covering in your photo is used daily for medical purposes.

    • Your full face must be visible and your hat or head covering cannot cast shadows or cover up part of your face.

In some cases, you may be eligible for an emergency or expedited appointment and process based on your status. It is worth trying to send an e-mail to the JLM and TLV Offices and see if they can accommodate you. Be sure to add the word "Emergency" to the subject line. In the body of the e-mail, describe exactly why this is an emergency and what you need from them. 


Visa Holders or US Citizens

Phone Numbers:

U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please call 02-630-4000 for Embassy Jerusalem and 03-519-7575 for Branch Office Tel Aviv

Outside of Office Hours, contact: 02-630-4000 (Jerusalem) or 03-519-7575 (Tel Aviv)

Outside of Israel: 011-972-2-630-4000 (Jerusalem) or 011-972-3-519-7575 (Tel Aviv)

Help support our work

For CRBA as well as Passport Renewal, there seems to be a bug or glitch where it shows that there are openings (or even just a single slot), but when you click on it, and it has no available time slots, it usually means that the slot is taken... This is a bug with the system, no appointments actually exist. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to fix it. 

◦ 4 forms, fill out in black ink. Make sure not to sign where it says to sign at the appointment: CRBA, Passport, SSN x2 (form saying you never received one, form requesting one)

◦ Baby’s birth certificate+ 3 copies (we brought the one with the English and Hebrew)

◦ Marriage certificate + 1 copy +translation

◦ Passport photo (square!!)

◦ Parents US passports + 3 copies

Baby's Israeli passport (if you already have one) + 1 copy

◦ Proof of residency: Immunization form, dental records, high school or college transcripts. (We only brought vaccination records this time and they barely looked at it)

◦ Appointment confirmation (the printed screenshot proving that you have a slot).

To make your life easier, I compiled the forms needed here

Useful Links
US Citizens: 

Passport Services


Jerusalem Appointments

Tel Aviv Appointments 


Visa Appointments

Heading 5

Disclosure: We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the US Embassy in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. 


Did you know, if you score one appointment, and need a second one, you can email the embassy and ask permission for the second one to join?

This doesn’t work when you have a Renewal slot and need a CRBA
Don’t show up with multiple kids without doing this step and getting permission

Here is my example of a template that has proven to work. You email it to the branch that the first appointment is scheduled for. 


Click the link, click file, and click make a copy.

Alter the scenario, change the wording around, and delete all the highlighted words.


Jerusalem Citizen Services and CRBA:

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