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Emergency Appointments

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What is an emergency appointment?

Emergency slots are released daily from 3 to 4 PM.

It may not be at 3:01. Keep refreshing and stay by your computer until 4 PM.

 Refresh every 30 seconds minute until you see slots. 

How do you refresh the page without exiting the calendar ?

Keep your mouse on the arrows on the top right of the calendar.

Go back and forth until slots pop up.



The new emergency passport appointments will only get you a ```6 month emergency passport.```


*The appointment cannot be used to get a CRBA or 1 year passport to be exchanged through the dropbox or mail.* You can book a standard CRBA appointment and get your full 5 year passport then.

Can you walk me through it?

emergency screenshot.PNG

How can I book one?

We have a designated alert group for emergency slots, so you don't have to worry about scrolling and looking for an appointment. When the embassy releases the appointments, we will notify you on the whatsapp group, and then you can go to the embassy's site and book the slot.


Our Alert Groups:


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