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In  my community, we have more than 60 Sheroes.

60 mothers whose husbands are fighting for Israel. 

60 families who miss their father.

60 women who need your support.

The 60 women in our community, these Sheroes, require and deserve our unwavering support during these challenging times. They carry a heavy burden, not only of missing their loved ones but also of managing daily responsibilities, providing emotional support to their children, and maintaining the stability of their households. In this time of uncertainty, our solidarity and assistance can make an immeasurable difference in alleviating the weight they carry.

These Sheroes serve as a source of inspiration for all of us, embodying resilience, strength, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of their families and our nation. By offering our support and assistance, we can ensure that these 60 families receive the care and assistance they need, helping them navigate through the difficulties and uncertainties that come with having a loved one serving in the military.

These packages are going to families of combat, reservist soldiers.

They are hand delivered by volunteers to save shipping costs.

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Packages sponsored: 14
Packages delivered: 14
Packages needed: 46

36 USD