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What is the eCRBA all about? Is it required? 

What is the eCRBA all about? Is it required? 

It's a brand new system to make your appointment go smoother and faster.

It is required, and you need to fill the ecrba out to get access to the appointment scheduler.

2. Double-click "Israel_West_Bank_and_Gaza"

3. Click "Next"

4. Choose "U.S. Embassy Jerusalem" and click "Next"

5. Select "HaYarkon 71, Tel Aviv" and click "Next"

6. Register and sign in to complete your application online

7. Complete your profile and start a new application

8. Answer questions and upload required documents like the original birth certificate

9. Provide information about each parent

10. Upload parental identity documents

11. Fill out Parent Two's details

12. Add marriage details (if applicable)

13. Provide proof of physical presence in the US and residency

14. Choose a mailing address and delivery preference

15. Certify the statements and proceed to payment

16. Pay the 100$ using a debit or credit card.

17. Print the payment confirmation 

Need extra help? Pay 250 nis and we’ll cover a live session where we fill it out together, and then we’ll even guarantee your appointment with our alert group!

or click here!

Use code ecrba for a surprise HUGE discount!

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