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Want to join my Supreme Group for free?

I have 3 tickets to my supreme alert group (Worth 220-300 nis , depends on the group!)

And I want to give it to YOU.

What do you need to do?

1. Share a link to my FB group on your FB story or profile (as a post) Here is a link:

2. Comment on this post:[0]=AZUAlKwLNlyBE9c2BXRhH79fJmAw7CGB9SNyIYDOFXuUJn9BawwbtUz7b-5AsF82soA_d4qX9V9A2ddEgm48GrylA-u-ykyQAmrBE4MDJs8Q_7QX6VM70k3qujn9Pf_J0D2LNfTwZJsI1ln6iHx0jjXNSgJcxsDiAhKPOVRznIFoFXb5ci2Zd0XXQ-V9sKbhWsU&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

And you are in!

We will choose 3 winners on 06/12.

PS! Want to join supreme now?

Click here: and add SUMMERSALE at checkout for 30% off! (limited to the first 10 customers)

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