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Consulate Report a Birth Abroad: Documents and Forms

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Please be sure to bring the following documents, originals as well as 3 photocopies each. Any documents that are not in English, please bring a translation as well.


  • Child’s birth certificate

  • Child’s passport photo

  • Parents’ marriage certificate

  • Death or divorce certificates of either parents’ previous spouses

  • Parent(s)’ US Passport or other proof of citizenship

  • Non-US-citizen parent ID or passport

  • Child’s Israeli, or other, passport, if issued

  • paid courier :courier link


Proof of US-citizen parent(s) physical presence in the US. Good examples of proof of physical presence include school records, immunization records, university and high school transcripts, tax returns, and employment records. More information can be found on the US Embassy website.


Two-Parents need to come.

(If one can't come, a notary is needed. Click the link to learn more.)

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