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All about Emergency Appointments - Detailed Guide

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Every day the embassy releases appointments for the next day. when you book an Emergency appointment, you will get a temporary passport the next day.

(You don't have to go back to pick up your passport the very next day. You can go later that week. In addition, at your appointment you can sign a consent form with a specific name to allow a friend or family member pick up your passport for you.)

This passport will be valid for six months.

Join my emergency alert group here:

Emergency slots are released daily from 3 to 4 PM.

It may not be at 3:01. Keep refreshing and stay by your computer until 4 PM.

Refresh every 30 seconds minute until you see slots.

How do you refresh the page without exiting the calendar 📆?

Keep your mouse on the arrows on the top right of the calendar. Go back and forth until slots pop up.


The new emergency passport appointments will only get you a 6 month emergency passport. The appointment cannot be used to get a CRBA or 1 year passport to be exchanged through the dropbox or mail. You can book a standard CRBA appointment and get your full 5 year passport then.

Link to book your slots:

Link to join my emergency alert group:


When you're ready to renew it, you do not need to pay again and you do not need to go back to the embassy- even if it's a minor’s passport.

How do I renew it?

  1. Make sure to renew it within the six month period, if not you will need to pay again.

  2. Prepare a new DS 11 form

  3. Take a new passport photo (or save one from the first appt)

  4. Send it via mail, dropbox, or courier to:

1. Documents for the U.S. Embassy Jerusalem through the Israel Post:

Passport Unit

U.S. Embassy Jerusalem

P.O. Box 290

Jerusalem 9100201

2. Documents for the U.S. Embassy Jerusalem through a courier service (such as Aramex or the Israel Post Courier):

Passport Unit

U.S. Embassy Jerusalem

Agron Street 18

Jerusalem 9419003

3. Documents for the Embassy Branch Office (EBO) in Tel Aviv through Israeli Post or courier service:

American Citizen Services

EBO Tel Aviv

71 HaYarkon Street

Tel Aviv 6343229, Israel

Join my emergency alert group here:

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