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Self Care for Entrepreneurs: Masterclass by
Tamara & Shira

What's included in the course?


1. Self Care  for Entrepreneurs 101

We will talk about finding time and space to set aside for yourself and be YOU. To relax, unwind, and enjoy.

2. How to Set Boundaries.

You are a person. That owns a business. We will dive in and discover how to say no, how to show clear boundaries, and how to put your time and your decisions back in your control.

3. Bust the Myth that Time is Money &

the Buddy System

How to build a support system that can vouch for you and support you when you need.

Everyone tells us that time is money. But what does that really mean?


How can we make the most of our time and manage it well?

4. Working Smarter not Harder

Don't. How can you stop hustling and start creating more money and time for you and your business to grow.

5. The Psychology of Pricing

What is your value? How can you price yourself?

How can you provide value to your clientele and be happy and at peace with your pricing?

6. Group Networking Session & Open Mic

Let's here from you, and we will discuss your current challenges in your business. We will also have an open mic to get to know each other.

Bonus: Q & A 

Continued support will be offered in an exclusive FB group so you can continue giving and receiving support from your fellow entrepreneurs!

Duration: 6 Classes, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Cost: 999 NIS | 300 USD

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Entrepreneurs' Masterclass here!

Class will be on Wednesday, January 5th at 7:00 PM Israel Time!

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